Free and exclusive MP3 releases are available on this page. The MP3s are encoded at high quality using LAME (see below). More about Asymmetric|MP3 is in the Press Release that was sent out at the launch of the project on 5th January 2004.

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Helsinki 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 001
In Parallel
January 2004

01 Untitled 5m48s save mp3
02 Untitled 3m48s save mp3
03 Untitled 6m50s save mp3
04 Untitled 6m13s save mp3

Press Release

Helsinki 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 002
Shards Connect
June 2004

01 Untitled 5m07s save mp3
02 Untitled 5m34s save mp3
03 Untitled 5m38s save mp3
04 Untitled 7m20s save mp3

Press Release
Budapest 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 003
Inside The Outsider
January 2005

01 Untitled 9m16s save mp3
02 Untitled 6m11s save mp3
03 Untitled 6m16s save mp3
04 Untitled 6m18s save mp3

Press Release
Bratislava 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 004
Entertaining Accidents
June 2005

01 Untitled 6m35s save mp3
02 Untitled 5m48s save mp3
03 Untitled 6m00s save mp3
04 Untitled 6m29s save mp3

Press Release
Czech Republic 2005
free mp3!ASY MP3 005
When Destiny Hides
November 2005

01 Hope Song 8m17s save mp3
02 Kaleidoscope 5m36s save mp3
03 Fractured 4m13s save mp3
04 Breathing Under
Water 6m06s save mp3

Press Release
Amsterdam 2005
free mp3!ASY MP3 006
Chords Depend
December 2005

01 Spaces Between 5m09s save mp3
02 At The Edge Of
The World 5m48s save mp3
03 Insomnia Spins 1m54s save mp3
04 Neljän Tuulen Hattu 7m37s save mp3
05 Drift 4m49s save mp3

Press Release
London 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 007
Pushing Forward
April 2006

01 Bit By Bit 5m15s save mp3
02 Sushi (For One) 6m15s save mp3
03 Spaces Between
(Wider Version) 8m01s save mp3
04 Blatant Entropy 5m17s save mp3
05 Kehtolaulu Hänelle 6m41s save mp3

Press Release
Turku 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 008
Iceberg Tips
August 2006

01 Rise Again 2m35s save mp3
02 Simply Intricate
(Loopen) 5m20s save mp3
03 Aching To Get Beneath 4m53s save mp3
04 In My Bubble I Float 5m18s save mp3

Press Release
London 2006
free mp3!ASY MP3 009
Now Is Everything
January 2007

01 Constant Fluctuation 7m11s save mp3
02 Turbulence 6m20s save mp3
03 To Dream Is To Sleep 4m58s save mp3
04 Stolen Glances 6m12s save mp3
05 Mesmerised 5m38s save mp3

Press Release
London 2007
free mp3!ASY MP3 010
Dark Instigations
June 2007

01 Trigonometry 6m18s save mp3
02 Spindelen Husen 4m39s save mp3
03 Curious Tentacles
(Part One) 7m21s save mp3
04 Undulation 8m26s save mp3
05 It Catches A Cloud
(Somehow) 8m07s save mp3

Press Release
Stockholm 2007
free mp3!ASY MP3 011
Beyond Foundations
October 2007

01 In Penumbra 7m58s save mp3
02 Terminal Three 6m50s save mp3
03 A Rune For Amelie 4m43s save mp3
04 Curious Tentacles
(Part Two) 7m12s save mp3
05 My Skin Is Electric 6m26s save mp3

Press Release
Iceland 2007
free mp3!ASY MP3 012
Twisted Memorabilia
December 2007

01 Terpsichore 5m34s save mp3
02 Camshaft 4m31s save mp3
03 Hamingjusamur 9m08s save mp3
04 Happy Robot Glow 4m57s save mp3
05 There Is Nothing More 5m46s save mp3

Press Release
Suomenlinna 2008
free mp3!ASY MP3 013
Ignoring The Obvious
June 2008

01 Immaculate Timing 5m09s save mp3
02 A Sordid Return 5m38s save mp3
03 Relentless Calm 6m25s save mp3
04 Your Selective Brian 5m08s save mp3
05 Paternoster 5m05s save mp3

Press Release
Berlin 2008
free mp3!ASY MP3 014
Maudlin Tangents
October 2008

01 Daybreak 1m12s save mp3
02 Plankspanker 5m48s save mp3
03 Accidental Body Check 5m03s save mp3
04 Sangaku 7m00s save mp3
05 As She Sleeps 6m38s save mp3

Press Release
Izola 2009
free mp3!ASY MP3 015
Taxonomy Of Diligence
May 2009

01 Amelioration 4m50s save mp3
02 Delicate II 6m54s save mp3
03 The Knock 7m05s save mp3
04 Positive Feedback 6m18s save mp3
05 Niin Kuin Aalto
Uittaa Aallon 5m49s save mp3

Press Release
Paris 2009
free mp3!ASY MP3 016
Imagined Scenes
August 2009

01 Superfluid 6m19s save mp3
02 Iteration 5m53s save mp3
03 Amelioration (Part Two) 8m07s save mp3
04 Resistive Bagel 5m26s save mp3
05 Undercurrents 6m07s save mp3

Press Release
Helsinki 2009
free mp3!ASY MP3 017
A Crooked Usage
March 2010

01 Torture Your Mind 6m26s save mp3
02 Slipstream 8m07s save mp3
03 Wayang Golek 3m47s save mp3
04 Telegraph 6m26s save mp3
05 Origami Mystery 5m19s save mp3

Press Release
Beijing 2010
free mp3!ASY MP3 018
Melting Pots
July 2010

01 Collateral Damage 5m51s save mp3
02 Pressure Point 5m01s save mp3
03 Bananas 6m32s save mp3
04 Porcupine Toast 4m42s save mp3
05 Uniton Demand 7m07s save mp3

Press Release
Leipzig 2010
free mp3!ASY MP3 019
Magnificent Spaces
October 2010

01 Muck Shelf 6m47s save mp3
02 Laconic 6m25s save mp3
03 Roundabound 7m17s save mp3
04 Triangle 8m12s save mp3
05 Mood 8m00s save mp3

Press Release
Berlin 2010
free mp3!ASY MP3 020
Distant Circles
January 2011

01 Albedo 6m34s save mp3
02 Caverns 6m22s save mp3
03 Skedaddle 5m20s save mp3
04 Jupiter 7m08s save mp3
05 Disorder 5m45s save mp3

Press Release
Sydney 2011
free mp3!ASY MP3 021
Walls Have Fears
January 2012

01 Cautum 5m28s save mp3
02 Squirkle 6m30s save mp3
03 Sentinel Four 5m58s save mp3
04 Nocturnal 5m12s save mp3
05 Speechless
(feat Laska) 5m27s save mp3

Press Release
ASY MP3 001 to 007 are encoded using LAME at an average bit rate of 192Kb/s. ASY MP3 008 to 011 are encoded using LAME at a variable bit rate of ~256Kb/s in full stereo mode and at maximum quality settings. ASY MP3 012 and onward are encoded using LAME extreme or 320Kb/s CBR. Alternative versions will not be made available.

All cover art photography © Inigo Kennedy.